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Four Days in London

I want to start The series of sightseeing places in london with a short brief of four days in london. I want to write how we planned our 4 day in london. Maybe this plan make a guide for you too.

I planned each day starting from 10 am to 5-6 pm. After some rest in hotel for the dinner and musical and theatres are not to miss

First Day; (Royal Society of London and the London Icons of structures)

Westminster Abbey (possible entrance into the cathedral, but 19 ​​pounds. We looked at from the outside)
Houses of Parliament and Big Ben
London Eye (at least 500 meters from the tail must have book online Book)

Downing Street
Horse Guards Parade (Have a picture is must)
St James’s Park (in a picnic area)
Trafalgar Square (looking at a place to cross)
Piccadily Square (especially at night)

Oxford Street (great shops and shopping area)
Bond Street (boutiques, but there are similar with Oxford street)

The second day is Sunday, we went to East London.

Colombia Road Flower Market, never mind to what is written on the Internet, and delete from your list here. If the confluence of thousands of people in a very narrow street. Flowers were not in good mood. Not on the flower market in Amsterdam. Even if İzmir Karşıyaka flower market is much better.

Vintage Brick Lane and at the same time with the products second-hand market for handmade products are displayed

Camden Town and Camden Lock Market, London’s most interesting region. Markets do worth a visit. Allocate all day.

On the third day; We visited the City of London and Greenwich Area.

St Paul’s Cathedral, where Lady Diana’s wedding, the funeral of Thatcher signed Cristoph Wren masterpiece of art. Join for free tours must enter into

Tower of London and Tower Bridge, London in the 1200s and the first fortress of the king’s palace, where used. Also worth a visit Anna Boleyn’s ghost walks around the White Tower. When you see a structure reminiscent of that of the Tower Bridge in London

Greenwich; zero degree meridian exposure should do. Ancient observatory in the story of the current museum building, Direction Detection devices must be monitored.

the fourth day; Museums and Art gallery some day.

Buckingham Palace, the opposite was the first day we never made. Write a queen living in the palace are open to visitors. In the winter, the remote viewing

British Museum Britons kidnapped and exhibited a predatory society, showing that the original parts where the world’s best museums, one of the many historical work. Admission free, donations mandatory 🙂

Somerset House is a fact, King’s College London, Department of Fine Arts. However, Monet, Van Gogh and the best painters of the period of special exhibits of special Cooultard Collection worth a visit.

Hayword Gallery, Exhibition of Light, while we were in London. Exhibition, the most interesting I’ve ever seen. These exhibitions are held, such as an arts center.

Tate Modern, and Contemporary Art Surrealist Salvador Dali current representatives of the most precious parts after a spectacular art exhibition center.

Ben Londra’daki dört günümüzü uzun arayışlar sonunda bu şekilde planladım. Burada bahsi geçen yerlerin daha detaylı anlatımları zamanla gelecek. Faydalı olur umarım.

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