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London Where To Eat ? The Breakfast Club in London for a good English Breakfast

The breakfast are not included in the room rate at the most of the hotels in London,40 to 50 pounds for a hotel breakfast starts at £ 10 per person breakfast outside in order to avoid much money you need to find the places. However, the breakfast in London or the UK or indeed the whole of Europe is not a suitable approach with Continental Breakfast.

However, the British managed to impose their own breakfast in the world and appeared in the original English Breakfast.

The Classic English breakfast is consist of

Bacon (salami),
sweet dry beans,
Black Pudding,
scrambled eggs or omelets,
home-made fried potatoes
sauteed Mushrooms
grilled tomato and

and If you are a vegeterian the meat in the breakfast can be removed and Felafel (Lebanese vegi-meatball) is served instead of all the meats.

Bean sugary breakfast food is an interesting experience, however I liked it a lot. But Black Pudding’ten definitely need to stay away from. In fact, this shit’s real name Bloody Pudding filled with pig’s blood sausage meant. A very bad taste. However, much like the British. Entirely a matter of culture. For example, the Australian’s eat the Vegemite like an gress oil, olive butter and mustard mixture (my guess 🙂 while we were eating Nutella product in the breakfast

Crowning Turkish breakfast of cheese, olive jam or honey are not served in the breakfasts.

One of the first places that come to mind when I think of breakfast in London, The Breakfast Club Cafes. In general, East London, Angel, Hoxton and Soho branches Spitalfields’da and breakfast in the morning hours in long queues in front of the breakfast consists of space.

We like the Breakfast Club, Spitalfields 11:00 Sunday morning we went to the branch. After waiting 15-20 minutes as we came a little early and took us in. We sat on the table show. Decorated in the style of the place really. It’s like a place that appeals to young people who can not get the speed of hangover blaring loud music and crowd noise bothered us a bit.

We ordered a classic English breakfast and a vegetarian breakfast. Both the price of around £ 9-10. If you want extra bread to give an extra 1.5 pounds is required. Drinks in the 3-5 pound.

In addition, a sandwich and a special product, which consumes lot of time in the Spanish construction workers in El Butty (a breed of Spanish sausage and stir-fried with egg sandwich) seems to be worth looking at.

The Breakfast Club breakfast was quite place the taste. Quality and satisfying, especially the materials used. However, noise and music venue is appropriate for you to wake up in the morning, after a while you can be headache

This place is perfect choise for who stay in East London or want to spend a day in East London

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