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London Public Transportation I- London Underground-Metro

The London Metro system which is the first underground train system in the World has been in operation since 1863. Although they have some problems The first underground system like an iron cobweb is still working

At present day There are twelve metro lines are called TUBE by london people. The lines are known and by their names and colours

Yellow Line, calles Circle Line and District Line-Green- and The red colored Central Line are been operated int the center of the city from west to east direction. Meanwhile The Black colored North Line and blue colored Victoria Line trains go to north-to south direction.

You can find the information about the lines and fare zones on the map. The ticket fares depend on the zones

The Yellow Colored Cricle Line is a ring system. At first It’s hard to understand and In order to find right way you should excatly know which direction to be followed and the most important stations on the line.

Because The London Tube Trains do not go same stations on the same lines everytime. For example If you go to east direction on the District Line, The train sometimes goes to Upminster, sometimes Barking sometimes Tower Hill. Meanwhile to the west direction some trains go to either Wimbledon or Edgaware Road.

Its too important to follow the digital signs indicate the station which is the last stop at the platform

Despite We are using metro system widely in Paris, Barcelona and Rome, At the first days we hardly got into the irregular Tube system. You should have map and know which direction and station to go

On the other hand; If you are in a hurry or must catch a plane do not trust London Metro. The timing was terrible and sometimes stations are closed without any regular. The closed stations are declared on the station but do not confuse because the colored lines mean closing lines. We thought that the dimmed and deleted lines mean closed station.

You can use the single ticket or Oyster Card which can be bought from the ticket machines or window. You must validate before the entrance and also after leaving the station. Thanks to last validation the system can understand which zones were used

Since the London Underground System is so old the disabled people and baby carriage can not use the system easily. So many stations do not have elevator or lift. The stations that has lift are indicated on the map by wheelchair.

As a conclusion; The London Underground system is not a modern system.We can call it underground train instead of metro since delays and out of date carriages. Nevertheless The Londoners love it too much and use it widely. Espacially on the working hours called Peak Time you may wait the quees to enter the station not enter the train.

We prefer the double-deck red buses instead of Metro. The buses are quiet and thanks to less traffic in the center of London, we could see so many places and enjoy to watch the city

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