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London Public Transportation II- London Red-Double Deck Busses

As a tourist in London, I like to travel red busses than using metro. At first sight, it does nou sound clever to use Busses in crowded citiy like London. for this reason we gave priority to the metro system instead of bus. But since the mtro system is old and unstable and hard to use we realized the overground is more useful than underground. One more advantage is that you can see and recognize lots of  place when you are travelling

London Overground system is consist of red-double deck busses.You can see so many busses at the street of London. Usually the busses are not full since the frequency between two bus is generally 5-7 minutes. I do not remember long time waiting in the bus stop.

For all these reason we generally used the overground system while taking a seat in front of the bus on second deck and teasing the hop on hop off users pay 20 pound.

All the busses are new and air conditioned.We find available seats to sit in every journey. You can get on the busses onliy front door. The ticket machine is near the driver and you have to validate the ticket to the machine. When get on the direction and next stop is announced. Also Its possible to follow the route and the next stop from digital sign in the bus

Single Bus system using the Google Maps (for Android with) the program was very useful. Through this program from where you need to go to the bus stop which is where we’re going, what direction should we take the bus to the number and, if necessary, which we learned that we should change the bus stop. (In general, if you are in an area away from the beaten track if you are or may be needed to change buses) to use the program a phone with Android operating system (just because Iphonu left) and internet access required. Turkcell abroad smart tariff packages such as the business sees lower. Not very expensive.

Google Maps system, or what are we gonna do?? If you say with a little logic, a little english and a little luck you can still easily use the skin.

For example, going Piccadily’den Victoria Coach Station.

1 – Find Piccadily Station stop arranged in alphabetical order in the Destination Finder to locate from Victoria Coach Station to.

2-38 and C2 be able to see the number of buses passed.

3 – still need to get off at the bus stop, which destinaton Finder (A, B, C, etc.), locate and start waiting bus.

Some have digital displays of the future when the bus stops. Take advantage of them.

In addition to the main directions in many metro bus 24 hours a ticking off after 12 at night. For this reason, you need to learn buses. With 24-hour bus only night buses running 24 mark with the mark shown in the N

Necessary to examine thoroughly the London bus stops. Because I have important information at each stall. However, I would like to indicate pauses for some reason now upside-down. Yes, you sit waiting at the bus stop in the back on the job, which requires a return to the road I could not understand why.

Now look carefully at the picture below.

The letter in which you show that you stop with the first number. Go to Google Maps program, for example, says Oxford Circus station, the stop S is the direction in which case the hill have to look at to understand. For example, you can say to describe the stop N Westminster Abbey. Thus, to understand the direction in which you are. Do not try to look for these letters, but the rule makes no sense.

And the stop number 2 which is the main direction in which you are going to stop showing. In general, the main aspects of the directions mentioned by bus. 3.satırda which also bus services that stop writing. I also need to pay attention to. Request Stop by one of the stops of the first bus driver to get off the bus unless you want or do not stop unless you indicate. But others point to you and say, even if you never standing still, but not risk.

There are three on the Timeline section. The date and time in which the bus passes which often include the first and last hours. Which stops at the bus stop which is also how long the destination, and then have the information. Mapped to the same place there is also a narrative

Apart from this, there is a map of the area that the wall of the stall. You can also use the map if you get lost.

Finally, I would like to mention number 15 bus lines. Nostalgic voyage in 2005, removed in 1954, and operating in more than 15 the number of buses and even some still in use. Trafalgar Square and Tower Hill on the 15th of the line service. St Paul’s Church, and on this line are the famous London Tower and the Tower Bridge.

Otobüsün içi halen daha eski yapısında. Biletçi var ve manuel olarak kontrol yapıyor. Her durakta durağın ismini bağırıyor. Bu otobüsleri mutlaka denemenizi öneririm.

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